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Optimize Toolset

I’ve always been into building performant and accessible sites, but lately I’ve been taking it extremely seriously. So much so that I’ve been building a tool to help me optimize and monitor the sites that I build to make sure that I’m making an attempt to offer the best experience to those who visit them. If you’re into performant, accessible and SEO friendly sites, you might like it too! You can check it out at Optimize Toolset.


Hi, 👋, I’m Ryan Hefner  and I built this site for me, and you! The goal of this site was to provide an easy way for me to check the stats on my npm packages, both for prioritizing issues and updates, and to give me a little kick in the pants to keep up on stuff.

As I was building it, I realized that I was actually using the tool to build the tool, and figured I might as well put this out there and hopefully others will find it to be a fast and useful way to search and browse npm packages as I have.

If you’re interested in other things I’m working on, follow me on Twitter or check out the open source projects I’ve been publishing on GitHub.

I am also working on a Twitter bot for this site to tweet the most popular, newest, random packages from npm. Please follow that account now and it will start sending out packages soon–ish.

Open Software & Tools

This site wouldn’t be possible without the immense generosity and tireless efforts from the people who make contributions to the world and share their work via open source initiatives. Thank you 🙏

© 2019 – Ryan Hefner




Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization




L7 Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization


版本 NPM downloads 最近提交



L7 目前底图采用高德地图,因此使用之前你还需要使用开发者 Key,你可以使用适用于『Web端』开发者 Key。如果没有可以点击 这里申请。 申请开发者 Key 是免费的。如果指定错误的版本号和开发者 Key,将无法加载 L7。目前最新版本请参考这里,如果不指定版本号,则使用最新版本。 在你的页面引入高德地图API

<script src="您申请的key值"></script>

HTML 引入 L7


<!-- 引入在线资源 -->
<script src=""></script>

通过 npm 安装

我们提供了 L7 npm 包,通过下面的命令即可完成安装

npm i @antv/l7 --save

成功安装完成之后,即可使用 import 或 require 进行引用。

import * as  L7 from '@antv/l7';
// 新建Scene




$ npm install

# run test case
$ npm run test-live

# build watching file changes and run demos
$ npm run start

# run demos
$ npm run demos