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Optimize Toolset

I’ve always been into building performant and accessible sites, but lately I’ve been taking it extremely seriously. So much so that I’ve been building a tool to help me optimize and monitor the sites that I build to make sure that I’m making an attempt to offer the best experience to those who visit them. If you’re into performant, accessible and SEO friendly sites, you might like it too! You can check it out at Optimize Toolset.


Hi, 👋, I’m Ryan Hefner  and I built this site for me, and you! The goal of this site was to provide an easy way for me to check the stats on my npm packages, both for prioritizing issues and updates, and to give me a little kick in the pants to keep up on stuff.

As I was building it, I realized that I was actually using the tool to build the tool, and figured I might as well put this out there and hopefully others will find it to be a fast and useful way to search and browse npm packages as I have.

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CDK Constructs for AWS Cloudfront to AWS API Gateway to AWS Lambda integration.




aws-cloudfront-apigateway-lambda module

Stability: Stable

| Reference Documentation:|| |:-------------|:-------------|

| Language | Package | |:-------------|-----------------| |Python Logo Python|aws_solutions_constructs.aws_cloudfront_apigateway_lambda| |Typescript Logo Typescript|@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-cloudfront-apigateway-lambda| |Java Logo Java||

This AWS Solutions Construct implements an AWS CloudFront fronting an Amazon API Gateway Lambda backed REST API.

Here is a minimal deployable pattern definition in Typescript:

import { CloudFrontToApiGatewayToLambda } from '@aws-solutions-constructs/aws-cloudfront-apigateway-lambda';

new CloudFrontToApiGatewayToLambda(this, 'test-cloudfront-apigateway-lambda', {
    lambdaFunctionProps: {
        code: lambda.Code.fromAsset(`${__dirname}/lambda`),
        runtime: lambda.Runtime.NODEJS_14_X,
        handler: 'index.handler'


new CloudFrontToApiGatewayToLambda(scope: Construct, id: string, props: CloudFrontToApiGatewayToLambdaProps);


Pattern Construct Props

| Name | Type | Description | |:-------------|:----------------|-----------------| |existingLambdaObj?|lambda.Function|Existing instance of Lambda Function object, providing both this and lambdaFunctionProps will cause an error.| |lambdaFunctionProps?|lambda.FunctionProps|Optional user provided props to override the default props for the Lambda function.| |apiGatewayProps?|api.LambdaRestApiProps|Optional user provided props to override the default props for API Gateway| |cloudFrontDistributionProps?|cloudfront.DistributionProps|Optional user provided props to override the default props for CloudFront Distribution| |insertHttpSecurityHeaders?|boolean|Optional user provided props to turn on/off the automatic injection of best practice HTTP security headers in all responses from CloudFront| |logGroupProps?|logs.LogGroupProps|Optional user provided props to override the default props for for the CloudWatchLogs LogGroup.| |cloudFrontLoggingBucketProps?|s3.BucketProps|Optional user provided props to override the default props for the CloudFront Logging Bucket.|

Pattern Properties

| Name | Type | Description | |:-------------|:----------------|-----------------| |cloudFrontWebDistribution|cloudfront.CloudFrontWebDistribution|Returns an instance of cloudfront.CloudFrontWebDistribution created by the construct| |cloudFrontFunction?|cloudfront.Function|Returns an instance of the Cloudfront function created by the pattern.| |cloudFrontLoggingBucket|s3.Bucket|Returns an instance of the logging bucket for CloudFront WebDistribution.| |apiGateway|api.RestApi|Returns an instance of the API Gateway REST API created by the pattern.| |apiGatewayCloudWatchRole?|iam.Role|Returns an instance of the iam.Role created by the construct for API Gateway for CloudWatch access.| |apiGatewayLogGroup|logs.LogGroup|Returns an instance of the LogGroup created by the construct for API Gateway access logging to CloudWatch.| |lambdaFunction|lambda.Function|Returns an instance of the Lambda function created by the pattern.|

Default settings

Out of the box implementation of the Construct without any override will set the following defaults:

Amazon CloudFront

  • Configure Access logging for CloudFront WebDistribution
  • Enable automatic injection of best practice HTTP security headers in all responses from CloudFront WebDistribution

Amazon API Gateway

  • Deploy a regional API endpoint
  • Enable CloudWatch logging for API Gateway
  • Configure least privilege access IAM role for API Gateway
  • Set the default authorizationType for all API methods to NONE
  • Enable X-Ray Tracing

AWS Lambda Function

  • Configure limited privilege access IAM role for Lambda function
  • Enable reusing connections with Keep-Alive for NodeJs Lambda function
  • Enable X-Ray Tracing
  • Set Environment Variables
    • AWS_NODEJS_CONNECTION_REUSE_ENABLED (for Node 10.x and higher functions)


Architecture Diagram

© Copyright 2021, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.