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Optimize Toolset

I’ve always been into building performant and accessible sites, but lately I’ve been taking it extremely seriously. So much so that I’ve been building a tool to help me optimize and monitor the sites that I build to make sure that I’m making an attempt to offer the best experience to those who visit them. If you’re into performant, accessible and SEO friendly sites, you might like it too! You can check it out at Optimize Toolset.


Hi, 👋, I’m Ryan Hefner  and I built this site for me, and you! The goal of this site was to provide an easy way for me to check the stats on my npm packages, both for prioritizing issues and updates, and to give me a little kick in the pants to keep up on stuff.

As I was building it, I realized that I was actually using the tool to build the tool, and figured I might as well put this out there and hopefully others will find it to be a fast and useful way to search and browse npm packages as I have.

If you’re interested in other things I’m working on, follow me on Twitter or check out the open source projects I’ve been publishing on GitHub.

I am also working on a Twitter bot for this site to tweet the most popular, newest, random packages from npm. Please follow that account now and it will start sending out packages soon–ish.

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This site wouldn’t be possible without the immense generosity and tireless efforts from the people who make contributions to the world and share their work via open source initiatives. Thank you 🙏

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Nodejs bindings to the Akismet ( spam detection service





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Full Nodejs bindings to the Akismet ( spam detection service.


  • Typescript support
  • API support for async/await, promises, and callbacks
  • Supports all active versions of node (14 to 19)
  • Supports all Akismet API features
  • Complete set of unit and integration tests
  • Idiomatic JS parameters (with backward compatability)
  • Trusted by many projects (like Coral!)

Upgrading to 6.0? Changes are fairly minimal as long as you're on an active version of node, but check out the changelog for full details.

These docs below are with ES6 async/await usage, but if you prefer another API you can also use this library with promises or with callbacks!


$ npm install --save akismet-api

Creating the Client

Your blog URL and API key are required by Akismet and are all you will need to get started! For a full list of available client parameters and alternative constructors, check out the client documentation.

import { AkismetClient } from 'akismet-api'

const key = 'myKey'
const blog = ''
const client = new AkismetClient({ key, blog })

Verifying your Key

It's a good idea to verify your key before use.

try {
  const isValid = await client.verifyKey()

  if (isValid) console.log('Valid key!')
  else console.log('Invalid key!')
} catch (err) {
  console.error('Could not reach Akismet:', err.message)

Creating a Comment

A comment, at the bare minimum, must have the commenter's IP and user agent. You can provide more than that for better accuracy and doing so is strongly recommended. The following is a basic example, but see our documentation on the comment data structure for a complete list of fields you can provide.

const comment = {
  ip: '',
  useragent: 'CommentorsAgent 1.0 WebKit',
  content: 'Very nice blog! Check out mine!',
  email: '[email protected]',
  name: 'John Doe'

Checking for Spam

Once you have a comment, we can check it! This tells you if it is spam or not. If Akismet cannot be reached or returns an error, checkSpam will throw an exception.

try {
  const isSpam = await client.checkSpam(comment)

  if (isSpam) console.log('OMG Spam!')
  else console.log('Totally not spam')
} catch (err) {
  console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)

Submitting False Negatives

If Akismet reports something as not-spam, but it turns out to be spam anyways, we can report this to Akismet to help improve their accuracy in the future.

try {
  await client.submitSpam(comment)
  console.log('Spam reported!')
} catch (err) {
  console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)

Submitting False Positives

If Akismet reports something as spam, but it turns out to not be spam, we can report this to Akismet too.

try {
  await client.submitHam(comment)
  console.log('Non-spam reported!')
} catch (err) {
  console.error('Something went wrong:', err.message)


If you are running integration tests on your app with Akismet, you should set isTest: true in your comments! That way, your testing data won't affect Akismet.

To run the library's tests, just use npm test. To also run the optional integration tests, include a valid Akismet API key in the AKISMET_KEY environment variable.

npm test


Author and maintainer is Chris Foster. Development was sponsored by Two Story Robot


Released under the MIT license.

See LICENSE.txt for more information.