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Hi, 👋, I’m Ryan Hefner  and I built this site for me, and you! The goal of this site was to provide an easy way for me to check the stats on my npm packages, both for prioritizing issues and updates, and to give me a little kick in the pants to keep up on stuff.

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tabs ui component for react





React Tabs

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online example:





  • left and up: switch to previous tab
  • right and down: switch to next tab


import Tabs, { TabPane } from "rc-tabs";
import TabContent from "rc-tabs/lib/TabContent";
import ScrollableInkTabBar from "rc-tabs/lib/ScrollableInkTabBar";

var callback = function(key) {};

  <Tabs defaultActiveKey="2" onChange={callback} renderTabBar={() => <ScrollableInkTabBar />} renderTabContent={() => <TabContent />}>
    <TabPane tab="tab 1" key="1">
    <TabPane tab="tab 2" key="2">
    <TabPane tab="tab 3" key="3">

Usage of navWrapper() function

navWrapper() prop allows to wrap tabs bar in a component to provide additional features.
Eg with react-sortablejs to make tabs sortable by DnD :

import Sortable from 'react-sortablejs';

navWrapper={(content) => <Sortable>{content}</Sortable>}




name type default description
activeKey String current active tabPanel's key
tabBarPosition String tab nav 's position. one of ['left','right','top','bottom']
defaultActiveKey String first active tabPanel's key initial active tabPanel's key if activeKey is absent
renderTabBar ():React.Node How to render tab bar
renderTabContent ():React.Node How to render tab content
navWrapper (tabContent: React.Node):React.Node Wrapper function that will wrap around tab panes, whould be useful for features such as drag and drop
onChange (key: string): void called when tabPanel is changed
destroyInactiveTabPane Boolean false whether destroy inactive tabpane when change tab
prefixCls String rc-tabs prefix class name, use to custom style
direction String ltr Layout direction of tabs component, it supports RTL direction too.



name type default description
key Object corresponding to activeKey, should be unique
style Object
placeholder React.Node lazyrender children
tab React.Node current tab's title corresponding to current tabPane
forceRender Boolean false forced render of content in tabs, not lazy render after clicking on tabs


name type default description
onTabClick (key: string, event: MouseEvent): void callback when tab clicked
style bar style
extraContent React Node extra content placed one the right of tab bar
tabBarGutter number the gap between tabs


tab bar with ink indicator, in addition to tab bar props, extra props:

name type default description
styles { inkBar } can set inkBar style


scrollable tab bar, in addition to tab bar props, extra props:

name type default description
onPrevClick (e: Event): void callback when prev button is clicked
onNextClick (e: Event): void callback when next button is clicked
prevIcon ReactNode specific the prev icon
nextIcon ReactNode specific the next icon


scrollable tab bar with ink indicator, same with tab bar and ink bar and scrollable bar props.

children(node) => node-Customize tab bar node

lib/SwipeableInkTabBar (Use for Mobile)

swipeable tab bar with ink indicator, same with tab bar/ink bar props, and below is the additional props.

name type default description
pageSize number 5 show how many tabs at one page
speed number 5 swipe speed, 1 to 10, more bigger more faster
hammerOptions Object options for react-hammerjs


name type default description
style Object tab content style
animated Boolean true whether tabpane change with animation
animatedWithMargin Boolean false whether animate tabpane with css margin


swipeable tab panes, in addition to lib/TabContent props, extra props:

name type default description
hammerOptions Object options for react-hammerjs


If you want to support old browsers(which does not support flex/css-transition), please load the following script inside head to add no-flexbox/no-csstransition css classes


npm install
npm start

Test Case

npm test
npm run chrome-test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rc-tabs is released under the MIT license.