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I’ve always been into building performant and accessible sites, but lately I’ve been taking it extremely seriously. So much so that I’ve been building a tool to help me optimize and monitor the sites that I build to make sure that I’m making an attempt to offer the best experience to those who visit them. If you’re into performant, accessible and SEO friendly sites, you might like it too! You can check it out at Optimize Toolset.


Hi, 👋, I’m Ryan Hefner  and I built this site for me, and you! The goal of this site was to provide an easy way for me to check the stats on my npm packages, both for prioritizing issues and updates, and to give me a little kick in the pants to keep up on stuff.

As I was building it, I realized that I was actually using the tool to build the tool, and figured I might as well put this out there and hopefully others will find it to be a fast and useful way to search and browse npm packages as I have.

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Beautiful credit cards for your payment forms




React Credit Cards

NPM Travis Maintainability Test Coverage

A slick credit card component for React.




npm install --save react-credit-cards


import React from 'react';
import Cards from 'react-credit-cards';

export default class PaymentForm extends React.Component {
  state = {
    cvc: '',
    expiry: '',
    focus: '',
    name: '',
    number: '',

  handleInputFocus = (e) => {
    this.setState({ focus: });
  handleInputChange = (e) => {
    const { name, value } =;
    this.setState({ [name]: value });
  render() {
    return (
      <div id="PaymentForm">
            placeholder="Card Number"

Don't forget to import the react-credit-cards/lib/styles.scss if you are using SASS in your project.
Or you can import the CSS:
import 'react-credit-cards/es/styles-compiled.css';


  • We support all credit card issuers available in Payment plus Hipercard (a brazilian credit card).


  • name {string}: Name on card. *
  • number {string|number}: Card number. *
  • expiry {string|number}: Card expiry date. 10/20 or 012017 *
  • cvc {string|number}: Card CVC/CVV. *
  • focused {string}: Focused card field. name|number|expiry|cvc
  • locale {object}: Localization text (e.g. { valid: 'valid thru' }).
  • placeholders {object}: Placeholder text (e.g. { name: 'YOUR NAME HERE' }).
  • preview {bool}: To use the card to show scrambled data (e.g. **** 4567).
  • issuer {string}: Set the issuer for the preview mode (e.g. visa|mastercard|...)
  • acceptedCards {array}: If you want to limit the accepted cards. (e.g. ['visa', 'mastercard']
  • callback {func}: A callback function that will be called when the card number has changed with 2 paramaters: type ({ issuer: 'visa', maxLength: 19 }), isValid ({boolean})

* Required fields

SCSS options

Credit Card sizing

  • $rccs-card-ratio: Card ratio. Defaults to 1.5858
  • $rccs-size: Card width. Defaults to 290px

Credit Card fonts

  • $rccs-name-font-size: Defaults to 17px
  • $rccs-name-font-family: Defaults to Consolas, Courier, monospace
  • $rccs-number-font-size: Defaults to 17px
  • $rccs-number-font-family: Defaults to Consolas, Courier, monospace
  • $rccs-valid-font-size: Defaults to 10px
  • $rccs-expiry-font-size: Defaults to 16px
  • $rccs-expiry-font-family: Defaults to Consolas, Courier, monospace
  • $rccs-cvc-font-size: Defaults to 14px
  • $rccs-cvc-font-family: Defaults to Consolas, Courier, monospace
  • $rccs-cvc-color: Defaults to #222

Credit Card styling

  • $rccs-shadow: Defaults to 0 0 20px rgba(#000, 0.2)
  • $rccs-light-text-color: Card text color for dark cards. Defaults to #fff
  • $rccs-dark-text-color: Card text color for light cards. Defaults to #555
  • $rccs-stripe-bg-color: Stripe background color in the back. Defaults to #2a1d16
  • $rccs-signature-background: Signature background in the back. Defaults to repeating-linear-gradient(0.1deg, #fff 20%, #fff 40%, #fea 40%, #fea 44%, #fff 44%)
  • $rccs-default-background: Default card background. Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #939393, #717171)
  • $rccs-unknown-background: Unknown card background. Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #999, #999)
  • $rccs-background-transition: Card background transition. Defaults to all 0.5s ease-out
  • $rccs-animate-background: Card background animation. Defaults to true

Credit Card brands

  • $rccs-amex-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #308c67, #a3f2cf)
  • $rccs-dankort-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #ccc, #999)
  • $rccs-dinersclub-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #fff, #eee)
  • $rccs-discover-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #fff, #eee)
  • $rccs-mastercard-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #e8e9e5, #fbfbfb)
  • $rccs-visa-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #0f509e, #1399cd)
  • $rccs-elo-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #211c18, #aaa7a2)
  • $rccs-hipercard-background: Defaults to linear-gradient(25deg, #8b181b, #de1f27)


Here's how you can get started developing locally:

$ git clone
$ cd react-credit-cards
$ npm install
$ npm start

Now, if you go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser, you should see the demo page.


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process of contributing to the project.

Useful links

EBANK's test numbers
Adyen's test numbers
Worldpay's test card numbers
Brazilian cards patterns


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Made with ❤️ at AMARO.